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I can't live without
A weekly phone call from my niece Dahlia, hot tea, and Netflix!
If I hadn't been a singer, I would have been
A docent or stunt car driver
Favorite composer/artist to listen to
Handel, Pasek & Paul and Stevie Wonder
I can't go onstage without
A prayer and a call/text to my family at '5 minutes to places' 
My ideal night off
A night off?! When those rare gifts come along you can find me frantically commuting to NYC to catch a show at the Met, visiting museums to marvel over priceless masterpieces, roaming through Philadelphia or in sweats on my living room couch reading Chuck Palahniuk novels/watching The Crown.
My favorite flowers

What is your favorite food?
CHEESE. But I do love ice cream equally as much. I am also known to devour entire jars of pickles in one sitting...

What is your dream vacation?
Anywhere that my mother, Valerie, wants to go since she's always working too hard to have a true vacation. As long as I'm with her, it's a great time. I think Paris or Dubai would be exciting!

Favorite venue to perform in
Carnegie Hall is fantastic but my heart lies in many of the hidden gem facilities at SUNY Fredonia
Favorite gift
A glass print photo collage from a dear former partner, a watch and a silk scarf from my high school teacher
Favorite musician of any genre
I love so many artists and each has played a pivotal role in my musical development and taste. Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Yo-Yo Ma and Jessye Norman are the top in my book followed closely by the Goo Goo Dolls (Buffalo pride!).
Favorite composer/repertoire to sing
Bernstein, Handel and the entirety of the French operatic canon
Favorite color
My idea of happiness
Being surrounded by the wonderful people I love, finding joy, challenge and inspiration in my work and always staying true to myself
Quality I like most in others
Honesty, a thirst for knowledge, a love of poetry, bravery and an ear for wry humour

Quality I like most in myself
Unending love for my family and colleagues

Favorite drink

Occasion on which I lie
When my partner asks if I have already had a serving of dessert as I reach for seconds...or thirds

My most treasured possession
My family. Generic first world answer: my phone, NYPL Library Card and THE CLOUD (how did people live before this?)
The greatest love of my life
My niece (you see, I am obsessed with this little diva)
I would most to live in
Where I am now in Philly or the Upper West Side of NYC
My greatest fear
Word or phrase I overuse
"Stop, now" or "Have you seen my...(insert item that I am unknowingly holding and/or staring at)"

Talent I would most like to have
Photographic memory or perfect pitch

Person I'd call if I want a laugh
My niece (OBSESSED), my sisters, Michael Hawk/Nia Drummond or Marlena and Spiro Malas (mostly just to hear Spiro's laugh as that'll surely put me in stitches)

Most comical thing that has happened to me onstage
During Juilliard's production of Der Kaiser von Atlantis I had to carry 3 foot long broomsticks with prosthetic hands screwed to the ends...oh and I was also wearing 2.5 foot tall combat boots and several layers of petticoat. During a dress rehearsal I leaned over, my giant wig fell off and during my attempt to pick it up one of the hands unscrewed and fell off as well so I was left on stage clanging one fake hand and one broomstick together in an attempt to assemble my body parts.