" Best was Bottoms as Mrs. Lovett, who sang the score more beautifully—and more lyrically—than I’ve ever heard it. Perhaps predictably, she was especially effective in passages  (“By the Sea”) where her legit mezzo could be used; but she managed the parlando music hall style very well too, and her acting had a delightful sardonic tartness…this was a treasurable outing.”

parterre box | David fox  


“Styled refreshingly not as a bimbette but a goth rebel, Paquette showcased Amanda Lynn Bottoms’s superb vocal and dramatic chops.

OPERA NEWS | david shengold


“…well versed in Sondheim’s style, which demands vocal dexterity, textual acumen, and a way around double entendre - Bottoms came closest to capturing all three, in what might be the best-sung portrayal of Mrs. Lovett any of us are likely to hear for a while.”



Mezzo-soprano Amanda Lynn Bottoms was a standout. As the alcohol-addled medium Flora, Bottoms explored the treacherous corners of her character by coloring her voice in a handful of highly variable shades. In turns cruel (to Toby, the mute boy played like a kicked cat by Seongwo Woo) and horrified, Bottoms’ Flora nearly seemed to stem from something personal in the mezzo’s past.” 



“Bottoms tugged at the heartstrings with “Kdyz mne stará matka zpívat ucívala” (“Songs my Mother taught me”) by Antonín Dvorák. Ms. Bottoms sang with such emotion following the rhythm of this song without overt sobbing, one could hear the passion and conviction in her tone. 

brooklyn discovery | nIna pantano